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August 19, 2007


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If your job is to give the game emotional depth, then your position on the team is equally as vital as the core designer, in my opinion.

There have been so many games that lacked depth beyond its surface gameplay, and often these games were very disappointing.

Honestly I didn't know such a position existed, but I'm glad to hear it. I'm thrilled to see what you do with the title.

Erasmus - I'm the Creative Director. I guess some people would consider that to be the 'core design' position (though I think it encompasses more than design). I would argue that every project pretty much already does have this person, though the 'title' may vary. This is the person who runs the creative on the project - whether lead game designer, creative director, designer director, whatever.

Of course that's my job... and their job too... what else would that persons job be? To make systems of rules supported with content irrespective of what they might actually mean to the audience? Is it to deliver fun to the player?

Vederman is right to challenge us on the promise that we can do more because as you say, most games either don't seem to try at all, or fail so badly in execution (of this aspect) that you can't even tell they made the effort.

It's sure as hell not an easy task, but step one is to know what our jobs are, step two is to try to do them, step three is execution. I got one and two handled, and I am pretty sure I've got 3 down well enough that you'll at least be able to tell that we tried... hopefully more than that ;)

Sorry, my game studio terminology is evidently inaccurate - I intended to say that the artistic element(s) of a game is equally as important as the very core mechanics that make the game run. The difference between the game's concept and the game's controls and programming, if you will.

Also, I wrote that post before I noticed you were Clint Hocking, thus not realising the exact nature of your position until afterward ;) Having played and finished both Splinter Cell titles you have worked on, I'm confident you know what you're doing.

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