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May 12, 2009


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How did you like Naruto?

I thought it was surprising amount of fun.

It's really interesting where the developers decided to polish and where they didn't. Showed a good sense for what does and doesn't matter in a game like that.

I have similar symptoms, without the explicitly herniated disk. It's a bitch.

Keep up with the recovery, and have fun with Project Mysterio.

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that I hope there's a really bitchin' story about how you got the injury, which should involve equal parts ninja, heroine, and butt kicking.

You dont want to rush your recovery Clint. In the UK if the herniated disc is 5mm out of alignment they put you under the surgeons knife to slice the protruding part of it away (to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve). However this leaves scar tissue and you'll have a sore back for the rest of your life.

My bro had the same thing 5 months ago, he was 0.2 mm from having the op lol (which he didnt want). He did physio and lots of walking and it would appear to have sorted itself out, though he isnt 100% just yet.

When you make a 100% full recovery and your physio signs you off, you may want to buy yourself a nice one-piece spandex suit and take up pilates to develop core strength :)

Wow, I had no idea the full extent of your injuries. I hope the PT gets you to full recovery soon.

Also, I can't imagine the backlog of emails and maybe even bugs (depending how far you are into Project X) you'll have to wade through. Good luck.

You should sell a book about that weight loss plan. "Lose ten pounds playing video games for a month!" Bestseller material right there.

Damn bud, I had no idea :( I'm glad to hear that you're on the road to recovery though.

Spine/Hip pain sucks. I feel for you. Glad you're seeing the crisis/opportunity. I really enjoyed presenting the video of your GDC "Fault Tolerance" session to co-workers. Now, they know who this Cthulhu is I keep mentioning. And our conversations about bouncing between Composition and Execution haven't stopped. Probably my favorite talk from this year. Get well soon.

I only just found out - that's what I get for not reading blogs anymore... Glad to hear you're doing better, and I wish you an effective and full recovery.

Regarding your diet approach: I've always been slightly wary of 'just eat less' diets - I wonder if it will lead to the yo-yo effect. Do you see this as a permanent change to your eating habits?

The math for running etc. and weight loss is pretty bad, but as I understood it, regular exercise, apart from having many other positive effects on your health, raises your metabolism rate (or whatever it's called) and that means you burn calories faster. But I find it very hard to get decent, dependable information on health and weight that is not drippng with snake oil.

(None of this was meant as criticism.)

Have you heard of the Hacker's Diet?'s_Diet

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